This is why the birds are chirping right now, why books are written and songs singed. It conquers all and makes your head spin and heart brake. You can feel it towarsds your family or even co-workers - or towards food.

We received a message from Italy containing it. This photo of a beautiful view was sent from a recording studio and senders were Salvatore and Susan - the amazing composers behind the Rosso theme music.

Watch how the thing we are talking about transformed into a series in the direction of Mr. Pete Veijalainen. He also turned up the volume on the funny sound effect in collaboration with Kalle Wahlberg.

Client: Rosso 

Advertising Agency: Blink Helsinki

Executive Producer: Ville Salminen

Director: Pete Veijalainen

In collaborations with: Daniel Lindholm DOP, Post Control Post Production, Kalle Wahlberg Sound and Susan DiBona & Salvatore Sangiovanni Music Composers.