Also Starring strives to be creative all the time by wanting to do everything better by doing it differently than before. We have done this since 1988 and will continue to do so. 

Finland is a wonderful and curious location, beautiful pearls for islands, shimmering lakes and dark forests covered by glimmering snow in winter. Over 2 million saunas and a nation of  mobile-game-making shoegazers to sit in them. A nation of lutheran work ethic, during the week and a nation of boozed-up, devil-may-care seekers of destiny, love and death during the weekend. Which impressed even Anthony Bourdain, a man of certain reputation.

The locations are scattered all around in one of the biggest countries in Europe so you should be prepared for some travel and accomodation costs outside of the capital Helsinki. In summer the sun doesn’t really set and in winter it rarely comes up, giving you an incredible amount of magic hour light. A good overview of what you can find is here

We work with the best people in the business and we cooperate closely with the largest rental companies in Finland, Angel Films (lighting, grip, studios) and P. Mutasen elokuvakonepaja (cameras) to strike good deals on packages.

We have a long experience in producing high-quality commercials with both large and smaller budgets so we know that we can offer you a competitive package for all your needs.  And a trip to the sauna.