Animation as itīs purest form has never been a very popular trend in the advertising art. It is more or less like an echo from the 60īs and 70īs. People still believe that animation is something like “Cinderella in the forest with thousands of fairies hovering around...”

The situation has changed dramatically when the amazing world of 3D-animation is available.

Animation is no longer a cute drawn character which comes to life. Animation is something bigger and bolder - a whole new place and time.

There are no limits with the imagination. We have the choice to create new thinking and approaches with products and services that havenīt been possible before. The new tools and software gives us the opportunity to make organic and fully realistic scenes which are not possible to capture live in camera. This gives a lot more space to play with the script and creativity.

Also Starring founder Vellu Valla has been working with these tools for many years and has a wide know-how of the tricks and possibilities. We also have the best talents working around us to confirm that perfect look and feel in the final product. This is a crucial part of the workflow because nothing is more depressing than an animation which does neither look nor feel good.....

Have a look inside.