Icelandic-born, featured drama director Anna-Maria Jóakimsdóttir Hutri started her career as a photographer studying at the Helsinki School and then moved on to play around with moving image.

Her beautifully and precisely composed images take the viewer along for a psychological roadtrip. Anna-Maria´s praised films Blue Dolphin and Georg & Lydia build the pavement for a feature length film, which is on its way. This multinational, strong viking'ness with traits of Danish, Swedish and Icelandic is in her own element when working with storytelling in any medium, any length.

Anna-Maria is exceptionally talented with performers, professional or amateur. Her stories will stay with you for a long time. Anna-Maria is a University Of Art and Design Helsinki, Masters of Arts graduate. Currently she is continuing studies with the students of Jouko Turkka in the directing department at the Helsinki Theater Academy. She has lived in Helsinki since 1997.

Anna-Maria has a twisted sense of humor, loves good music, good wine and is a huge fan of modern dance, ballet and parkour.