There just isn’t enough romance in the world. That is why we loved to part of creating this glorious Amélie-inspired Teknoware brand film. 

As the day turns to night and autumn darkens, as the working day ends, a mysterious message moves our main characters through the city, where the dark streets and parks could seem menacing.

If it wasn’t for light.

The meaning of light often goes unnoticed in our lifes. You only notice it when there is none or if it’s especially beautiful. Like love, you might say. 

Unlike what LinkedIn advised, the leading manufacturer of vehicle and emergency lighting Teknoware, decided to do a film that differs completely from the industry conventions. No product demonstration, no timelapse of the city, not using the words ”digital” and ”future” during the first 10 seconds. 

Just a lovely story of two people being guided by lights and meeting each other. And about what happens when the parts fit. 

And why did Teknoware decided to do this?

Because they love their clients. 

Love your clients.


Client: Teknoware

Agency: Ilme

Executive Producer: Johannes Lassila

Director: Markus Virpiö