The Norwegian government is opening up a new oil frontier in the Arctic for the first time in 20 years. Greenpeace and Natur Og Ungdom sued Norwegian government in October 2016. Their intention is to stop Arctic oil drilling by proving how Norway is violating Article 112 of the Norwegian Constitution that says that the State shall ensure for everyone, including future generations, the right to a safe and healthy environment. Court hearing started in November 2017.

Greenpeace needed a touching commercial to encourage people to submit their names as evidence for the court case. Creative Director Ville Salminen and Director Tuukka Harala joined forces to create this thought-provoking film that got over 1 million views in less than a week. 

522 202 people have added their names as evidence.

The commercial was starred by Lotta Kaihua and the young talent Iris Käyhty.

Client: Greenpeace International / Touko Sipiläinen

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