Also Starring was founded by Vellu Valla and Julle Salminen in 1988. In 2016 the company went through a generation shift.

Creativity has always been the trademark of Also Starring. Many of our directors have either an advertising or a film school background. And on top of that we have had the opportunity to work with the most talented partners in the industry.

Also Starring is probably the most awarded production company in Finland and has been highly ranked around the world too. Silver at Clio Festivals and numerous awards at The New York Film festival are among the sweetest ones. 

In 2016 the company went through a generation shift that brought back Ville who started as an Executive Producer and Creative Director. Juhana became the  CEO and Client Director and Johannes Lassila continued as an Executive Producer and partner. Vellu was granted the titles ”Senior Spur” and ”Midwife of Screenplays”. 

Long history combined with the new leaders and fresh take on commercial films make the company stronger than ever. Our tables are dusted, let’s keep making great films!